Preprinted banners are pre-made to
carry out your general message with
standard words and phrases, and cost
Custom banners are customized per
your instructions to carry out your
specific message with your own words
and graphics.
We carry several kinds of banners.  They are listed as follows.  Please
click on the respective links to view the items of your interests.
We carry two kinds of banners: preprinted banners and custom banners.  
Both of them are printed on 14oz tough outdoor reinforced vinyl materials by our
state-of-the-art large format full color digital inkjet plotter.  If you are on a
budget, preprinted banners can carry out your message with minimal cost.  If you
want to tailor your message to serve your specific need, custom banners are the
right choice for you.
Because we maintain our own production facility and artists, we can offer you our
products at very low price and yet maintain the high quality of products and
service you demand.  
We discount the price but not the quality of our
products and service
Thank you for visiting our website.  It is our mission to make full colors photo
quality signs and banners at an affordable price.  Wish you a wonderful
experience at our website.  All Rights Reserved.
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For volume discount, please
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